ZimbabweHuchi Uncategorized Discovering Chivhu Town: A Journey into Zimbabwean History

Discovering Chivhu Town: A Journey into Zimbabwean History

Discovering Chivhu Town: A Journey into Zimbabwean History post thumbnail image

History Of Chivhu

Chivhu’s roots trace back to 1850 when Afrikaner farmers founded it as Enkeldoorn, meaning “lone thorn.” Renamed Chivhu in 1982, the name signifies “anthill” in Shona, reflecting resilience and community spirit.

Climate Of Chivhu

Chivhu enjoys a warm subtropical climate, featuring distinct wet and dry seasons. Summers (November to March) are hot and rainy, while winters (April to October) are pleasant and dry. Pack light clothing and an umbrella for your visit.

GPS Coordinates OF Chivhu

Located at 19°47′S 31°09′E, Chivhu is easily accessible. Its GPS coordinates facilitate navigation, whether you’re driving or using a map app.

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Population Of Chivhu

As of the 2022 census, Chivhu’s population stands at approximately 10,369. Despite its compact size, the town is full of potential and poised for growth.

Distance From Harare to Chivhu

Chivhu is a mere 142 km (91 miles) south of Harare, reachable by car in about 1 hour and 24 minutes. For those coming from afar, consider flying into Harare International Airport and renting a car for the scenic drive.

Distance From Chivhu To Mutare

Chivhu serves as a convenient stopover for those traveling to Mutare, located 273 km (147 mi) southeast. Expect a comfortable 3-hour drive to reach this vibrant city.

Lodges in Chivhu

Chivhu offers various accommodation options, from cozy guesthouses to comfortable lodges. Choose based on your budget and preferences:

  • Chivhu Hotel
  • Philgen Lodges
  • Vics Tavern Lodges
  • Parugare Safaris and Lodges

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Schools In Chivhu

Chivhu boasts several primary and secondary schools, ensuring quality education for its young residents. Higher education options are available in nearby colleges and universities in Harare or Masvingo:

  • Chivhu Primary School
  • Chivhu High School
  • Mushipe Secondary School
  • Good Hope Junior School
  • Liebenburg High School
  • Polka Christian College
  • Northwood Primary School

Things to do in Chivhu

Chivhu’s charm extends beyond academics. Explore vibrant local markets, enjoy the natural beauty of surrounding hills, or delve into the town’s history at the Chivhu Museum. Sample authentic Zimbabwean cuisine, indulge in fresh produce at the market, or enjoy a picnic amidst scenic surroundings.


Did You Know? Chivhu holds the unique distinction of being the first white settlement in Zimbabwe, established even before Harare!

Looking for More? Explore the nearby Great Zimbabwe Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or venture further to Masvingo National Park for a wildlife adventure.


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