“Dialogue Failure Will Result In Another Military Coup In Zimbabwe,” Says Ex-Finance Minister

MDC Vice President, advocate Tendai Biti, has said that the crises in Zimbabwe demand that the ruling ZANU PF and the MDC have a dialogue to minimise the adverse impacts associated with them.

Biti also said that the country was in this messy because of ZANU PF which is clueless on how to address the issues. Addressing a residents’ feedback meeting in Harare’s Pomona area on Monday, Biti said:

I hope that they will find wisdom to open dialogue with the MDC because if they don’t do that, we are heading for another implosion and implosion in the form of a military coup or implosion in the form of people demonstrating because they have no option of being killed again as happened in August 2018 or in January 2019, so we need dialogue to create a soft landing.

Biti also warned that if left unabated, the situation would further deteriorate and would be worse than the 2008 hyperinflation era. He added:

The economy is going to contract massively and the last time we had this massive contraction was in 2008, when our economy shrunk by minus 14% and this time around, it is going to be minus 8,5%.

But what should worry you and me is that those that are in authority at the present moment have no clue of what they are doing. There is nothing as dangerous as a man who is lost and who doesn’t know that he is lost. That man is dangerous because you cannot ask for directions and regrettably, that is the challenge of the present government.

Source : News Day



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