ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Chido Chidziva Biography: From Zimbabwean Model to Socialite

Chido Chidziva Biography: From Zimbabwean Model to Socialite

Chido Chidziva Biography: From Zimbabwean Model to Socialite post thumbnail image

Chido Chidziva Biography: From Zimbabwean Model to Socialite


Chido Chidziva Early Life and Career

Chido Chidziva, also known as Miss Rockshade or Ms Rockshade, hails from the ghetto in Harare, Zimbabwe, and grew up in a family of five children. From a young age, she developed a deep passion for modeling and carried that enthusiasm throughout her education.

Ms Rockshade Modeling Career

Chido Chidziva’s journey in the modeling world took off during her time at the University of Zimbabwe when a modeling agency discovered her. Her striking looks and confident personality quickly propelled her to stardom in the Zimbabwean modeling industry, earning her admiration from fans and photographers alike.


Chido Chidziva-Image Source@Instagram

Chido Chidziva-Image Source@Instagram

Beyond being a successful model, Chidziva is also a shrewd entrepreneur. She ventured into the fashion industry and founded her own brand, Rockshade, catering to trendy clothing and accessories for young Zimbabweans. Her fashion line has gained immense popularity among her fans and has solidified her position as a top influencer in the Zimbabwean fashion scene.

Social Media Stardom

Chidziva’s online presence, especially on Instagram, has been nothing short of remarkable, boasting thousands of devoted followers. Through her social media platform, she showcases her fashion brand, shares her latest modelling works, and actively supports causes she deeply cares about.

Philanthropy and Activism

Chidziva is a well-known philanthropist and activist. She uses her influence to advocate for women’s rights and speaks out against gender-based violence and other societal issues affecting women in Zimbabwe. Engaging in charitable initiatives, she has been actively involved in providing food and clothing to children in need.

Chido Chidziva Personal Life And Scandals

Chido Chidziva and Plaxedes Doobae-Image Source@Instagram

Chido Chidziva and Plaxedes Doobae-Image Source@Instagram

Chidziva has been romantically linked to several high-profile men in Zimbabwe. She enjoys indulging in the luxuries of life, such as luxury cars and designer clothing, and is often seen at the hottest parties and events in Harare. Notably, alongside another socialite, Plaxedes Doobae, Chido Chidziva made waves on the internet with their Zodwa Wabantu-inspired dressing at Rick Ross’ maiden performance at the Harare International Conference Centre.



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