ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Charles Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Music, Controversy

Charles Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Music, Controversy

Charles Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Music, Controversy post thumbnail image

Charles Charamba, a celebrated figure in Zimbabwean gospel music and a former pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission Church, embarked on a remarkable journey that extends beyond the realms of music.


Born on April 27, 1971, in Mudzi District, Mashonaland East Province, Charamba’s journey began with a deep passion for music and a commitment to his faith.


His educational foundation was laid at Masarakufa Primary School and Masarakufa Secondary School in Mudzi. In 1998, he pursued theological studies at Living Waters Bible College, earning a bachelor’s degree. Later, in 2011, he delved into music education, obtaining a “National Certificate in Music” from the Zimbabwe College of Music. His academic pursuits culminated in a jazz degree from Africa University in 2013.

A Harmonious Personal Life

Beyond his musical endeavors, Charles Charamba shares a harmonious life with his wife, Olivia (née Maseko), an accomplished gospel singer. Their collaborative efforts on stage and in album productions have earned them the endearing title of the “First Family of Gospel.”

The Musical Odyssey

Charamba’s musical style, a fusion of sungura, jazz, and jit, reflects his diverse influences. His albums, initially released under the Gramma Label, later found a home under his own record label, “Fishers of Men,” marking a significant milestone in his career.

Notable Albums

  • Tinashe Akatendeka (1997)
  • Johanne 3:16 (1998)
  • Vhuserere (2000)
  • Exodus (2001)
  • Sunday Service (2002)
  • Verses and Chapters (2004)
  • New Testament in Song (2007)
  • Pashoko Pangoma (2010)
  • WeNazareta (2014)
  • Abba Father (2017)

Charamba’s music has not only dominated the Zimbabwean gospel scene since the early 2000s but has also resonated internationally with successful tours in Great Britain, the United States, and various southern African countries.

Among his extensive repertoire, “Machira Chete” stands out as one of his most beloved songs, earning widespread acclaim.

A Brush with Controversy

In August 2004, Charles Charamba, along with his associate Sebastian Mupa, faced fraud charges related to a $40 million loan. Initially granted bail, further investigation led to the eventual dropping of charges, highlighting a challenging chapter in the musician’s life.

For more updates on Charles Charamba’s journey, stay tuned to the latest in gospel music and inspirational stories.



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