ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Brooke Bruk-Jackson Biography: Zimbabwe’s Miss Universe 2023

Brooke Bruk-Jackson Biography: Zimbabwe’s Miss Universe 2023

Brooke Bruk-Jackson Biography: Zimbabwe’s Miss Universe 2023 post thumbnail image

Brooke Bruk-Jackson, the talented beauty therapist, model, and reigning Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023, has taken the world by storm with her remarkable journey and achievements. In this comprehensive biography, we delve into her age, educational qualifications, her historic Miss Universe Zimbabwe win, her international representation, and the mixed reactions her victory has stirred.

Age & Date of Birth

At the time of her remarkable triumph in September 2023, Brooke Bruk-Jackson was a youthful 21-year-old. While her exact date of birth remains unconfirmed in public records, her age undoubtedly adds a youthful charm to her already impressive resume.

Educational Qualifications

Brooke’s journey to success is rooted in her pursuit of knowledge across the globe. Her educational path reads like a world tour:

Chisipite Senior School, Harare: She completed her secondary education at this prestigious institution in Harare, where she undoubtedly honed her intellect and poise.

British Academy of Fashion Design, London, England: In the heart of London, England, Brooke ventured into the world of fashion at the British Academy of Fashion Design. This experience undoubtedly contributed to her elegance and style.

Beauty Therapy Institute, Cape Town, South Africa: Her quest for expertise in beauty therapy led her to the Beauty Therapy Institute in Cape Town, where she honed her skills, setting the stage for her beauty queen journey.

Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 Crown

Brooke Bruk-Johnson

Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023-Image Source@Zimprofiles

Brooke Bruk-Jackson etched her name in history when she was crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023. The prestigious event unfolded at the Harare Hippodrome in Braeside, Harare, amidst a dazzling spectacle that celebrated beauty, empowerment, and self-assurance. Her victory was not just a testament to her beauty but also to her ability to eloquently answer questions, coupled with her undeniable grace and charisma.

With the Miss Universe Zimbabwe crown firmly in place, Brooke Bruk-Jackson is poised to represent her beloved Zimbabwe on the global stage. She’ll proudly wear the Zimbabwe sash at the 72nd edition of Miss Universe, scheduled for November 18, 2023, in El Salvador. There, she will compete with beauty queens from around the world, vying for the ultimate title and bringing honor to her nation.

Mixed Reactions to Her Win

Brooke’s victory as Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 has ignited passionate discussions, especially on social media. Critics have raised questions about the selection process, alleging racial bias, while fervent supporters commend her exceptional ability to answer questions and her outstanding modeling skills as reasons for her well-deserved victory.

In conclusion, Brooke Bruk-Jackson’s journey from a young Zimbabwean with a thirst for knowledge to the reigning Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 is an inspirational tale of perseverance and determination. Her future on the global stage promises to be equally captivating as she represents Zimbabwe with grace and dignity.

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