Zimbabwean man, Brighton Elliot Moyo who sparked worldwide outrage following a controversial resurrection act with Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries has spoken for the first time about his ‘death experience’.

Brighton has gone in defense mode and has decided to speak out on the entire matter.

He did this by allegedly creating an account under the name Elliot Masango, and making several posts on Facebook.

According to what he said in a particular post, he will explain details of his death and resurrection in court. He also added that he was really dead at the time.

“I think I have done enough to explain about my death and this account now I have to appear in court, u will find all the truth u want i was dead….on Monday I’m going to court.”

Again, he reiterated this in his response to the comment of a particular person. The individual had taken to Elliot’s Facebook page to say this:

“You are the comedian of the year and the coming generation. Hahahahaha. You wanted easy money.”

In reaction to these words, he said:

“Meaning u don’t believe that God is doing miracles.”

Although many are wondering how he knows about the miracle if he was really dead and if it’s his Facebook account or a troll.



By Mandisa

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