ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa Biography| Profile, Makandiwa Lawsuit, Divorce, Relationship with Jay Israel, Death

Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa Biography| Profile, Makandiwa Lawsuit, Divorce, Relationship with Jay Israel, Death

Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa Biography| Profile, Makandiwa Lawsuit, Divorce, Relationship with Jay Israel, Death post thumbnail image

Blessing Mashangwa, formerly known as Blessing Muzvongi, left an indelible mark on the Zimbabwean business landscape. Born in Zimbabwe, she became a trailblazer in the cosmetics industry.

Her entrepreneurial journey began with the launch of AVON in Zimbabwe in 2002, eventually leading to the establishment of Oceane Perfumes in 2005. This marked the genesis of Oceane Holdings, the largest cosmetics network in Zimbabwe, renowned for its Oceane Collection Perfumes.

Throughout her career, Mashangwa received accolades such as the Women’s Top Business Leader of the Year and Megafest Female Entrepreneur in 2016, solidifying her position as a business magnate.

Legal Battles and Controversies

Mashangwa’s journey was not without challenges, notably her legal battles, the most prominent being the lawsuit against Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Suing Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Over Alleged False Prophecies

In August 2017, Blessing Mashangwa and her husband, Upenyu Mashangwa, initiated legal proceedings against Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife, alleging false prophecies that resulted in financial losses. The lawsuit, amounting to US$2.8 million, unfolded over four years and drew significant attention.

Blessing Mashangwa biography

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High Court Dismissal

Despite Makandiwa’s assertion that matters of faith were beyond the secular court’s jurisdiction, the High Court dismissed his application. However, the final outcome of the lawsuit did not favor the Mashangwas. High Court Judge Owen Tagu ruled that tithes and offerings were ‘free will offerings,’ emphasizing the challenges of seeking legal redress in matters intertwined with religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court later ratified the decision in 2021, underscoring the legal principle that matters of faith may not find resolution within secular courts.

Divorce and Property Disputes

In 2018, Blessing Mashangwa’s marriage to Upenyu Mashangwa ended in divorce, marked by legal complexities and disputes over asset division. The court dismissed Upenyu’s application for access to their matrimonial home, adding another layer of complexity to her personal and professional life.

Relationship with Jay Israel

In 2020, amidst a sex tape scandal, Mashangwa admitted to a relationship with Jay Israel, apologizing for her involvement. This revelation added another dimension to her already tumultuous personal life.

Passing Away

Tragically, Blessing Mashangwa passed away on November 10th, 2023, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The cause of her death remains undisclosed.

Legacy and Contributions

Beyond her business success, Mashangwa founded the Tabitha Foundation in 2016, a charity organization aimed at assisting those in need with food and basic groceries. Her legacy, despite legal setbacks and personal challenges, includes significant contributions to both the business and charitable sectors.


Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa’s life was a journey marked by triumphs, challenges, and controversies. Her impact on the business world and philanthropy will be remembered, underscoring the complex interplay between personal beliefs, legal battles, and professional pursuits.



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