ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Bhozhongora Biography | National FM, Real Name, Age, Wife, Side Hustle, Education, Career In Radio

Bhozhongora Biography | National FM, Real Name, Age, Wife, Side Hustle, Education, Career In Radio

Bhozhongora Biography | National FM, Real Name, Age, Wife, Side Hustle,  Education, Career In Radio post thumbnail image

Bhozhongora Biography | National FM, Real Name, Age, Wife, Side Hustle,  Education, Career In Radio

Bhozhongora, the renowned media personality, is a prominent figure in Zimbabwean broadcasting and storytelling. He has earned fame through his captivating radio program on National FM, where he shares a wide range of stories, from the bizarre to the thought-provoking, all delivered with a unique and energetic presenting style. This biography provides insights into his life, career, and profound impact on the broadcasting industry in Zimbabwe.

Discovering Bhozhongora’s Real Name

The real name of this celebrated media personality is Washington Marimira. Interestingly, the name “Bhozhongora” loosely translates to “to demolish.” Explaining the origins of this unique moniker, he shared, “I come from a chieftainship in Nembudziya, Gokwe. My father is Chief Makore, so whenever we are at a village court, I am usually the one to give the last word. And when I do that, everyone will be satisfied, and there won’t be additions and subtractions. So they call that ‘kuBhozhongora,’ meaning to say everything is well said.”

Bhozhongora Washington Marimira Biography

Age & Date of Birth

Bhozhongora was born 47 years ago, as of 2023, in Makore Village, Gokwe. Unfortunately, his exact date of birth is not available in public records.

Early Life and Education

Bhozhongora’s educational journey began at Chinyenyetu Primary School in Gokwe. Later, his family relocated to Karoi, leading him to transfer to Karoi Enterprises School. For his Ordinary Levels, he pursued his studies at Plumtree High School.

Career in Radio

Bhozhongora’s venture into broadcasting initially started as a hobby when he participated in National FM’s phone-in programs. His enthusiasm led him to become a member of the station’s “Listener’s Club” and eventually secured him live broadcasts of breaking news, marking the beginning of his illustrious broadcasting career. His energetic presenting style quickly gained immense popularity among listeners.

Unique Style and Impact

Bhozhongora is renowned for his captivating and energetic delivery, often likened to live soccer commentaries. He possesses the unique ability to transform even the most mundane stories into compelling narratives, resulting in a substantial and dedicated following. His co-hosted radio program with KB Bonzo airs between 10:30 am and 12 pm from Monday to Thursday, with livestreaming available on Tuesdays, reaching a diverse audience, including the diaspora.

Side Hustle

Besides his broadcasting career, Bhozhongora is a multi-talented individual. He excels as a motor mechanic, a preacher, and a vendor. Furthermore, he is actively involved in managing four grocery stalls and a flea market at Mbare Musika.

Wife & Personal Life

Bhozhongora shares his life with Catherine Chaguma, and the couple is blessed with four children.

Authenticity and Challenges

Despite his widespread fame, Bhozhongora has faced challenges, including impostors attempting to impersonate him. He places a strong emphasis on the authenticity of his stories and his dedication to ensuring their accuracy. He collaborates closely with the police, chiefs, and headmen to gather and verify facts.

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