ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career post thumbnail image

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career

Bee WeZhira, also known as Senzeni, is a renowned Zimbabwean comedian who skyrocketed to fame during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. Her journey from a teacher to a social media sensation is both inspiring and captivating. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Bee WeZhira through various aspects of her life.

Real Name

Bee Wezhira’s real name is Beatrice Mudzingwa.

Age and Date of Birth

While Bee WeZhira’s exact age and date of birth are not publicly documented, she disclosed during a 2022 interview with NewsDay that she falls between 26 and 30, though she opted not to reveal her precise age.

Family Background

Bee WeZhira hails from a family of three girls and two boys and grew up in Jahwa/Chekai village in Chivi district, near Ngundu growth point. Her family faced hardships, including displacement due to the flooding of Tugwi-Mukosi Dam in 2014 and the unfortunate loss of one of her sisters during the same year. Her parents reside in Chingwizi, and Bee WeZhira visits them thrice a year.


In a surprising turn of events, Bee Wezhira tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in April 2023. She remained tight-lipped about her husband’s details, emphasizing her intention to share information on her terms. Nevertheless, her husband, Sean Delroy Gweta, later revealed their marriage. Sean is a cleric based in South Africa and the founding leader of Jiam Ministries, a religious organization specializing in spiritual healing and empowerment, including miraculous interventions in fertility issues. He also enjoys friendships with Zimdancehall musicians Crystal Dangerzone and Jah Child.

Education & Qualifications

Bee WeZhira’s educational journey included Zunga Primary School and Neruvanga High School for her Ordinary and Advanced Levels. She pursued a Bachelor of Education at Great Zimbabwe University from 2015 to June 2019, establishing herself as a high school teacher.

Career and Rise to Fame

Bee WeZhira commenced her career as a temporary teacher in Gokwe before venturing into comedy. The COVID-19-induced lockdowns in 2020 led to her job loss as a receptionist and reservationist at a Harare hotel. In response, she began creating social media skits. Inspired by Madam Boss and Mai Titi, she started on TikTok and later established a Facebook page in November 2020, accumulating over 305,000 followers. Additionally, she boasts over 21,000 TikTok followers, over 18,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 10,500 Instagram followers. Her most beloved character, Senzeni, a mentally challenged individual with a unique style, has propelled her to stardom, attracting requests from schools, car hire companies, and décor businesses for marketing collaborations.

Endorsement Deals and Inspiration

Although Bee WeZhira doesn’t have an official sponsor, corporate entities regularly offer her endorsement deals to promote their businesses, providing her with a substantial income and enabling her to support her family. Her enormous fan base and views serve as her primary motivation and inspiration, pushing her to persist in her creative endeavours, even when faced with challenges.

Characterization in Skits

Bee WeZhira has portrayed various characters in her skits, including Amai Ruvimbo Mukadzi waMike, Bee Rasta, Mbuya vaPritchard, and the fan-favourite, Senzeni. While she occasionally revisits these other characters for variety, Senzeni remains the most adored by her audience, driving her continued focus on this character due to her vast following and popularity.

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