Telecel lodged a formal complaint with POTRAZ over unfair business practices. Telecel showed us in a press statement that now only a mere 10% of calls from Telecel to Econet are making it through, prior Telecel was enjoying a 90% success rate!

On average, Telecel said a user has to dial an Econet number 20 times before getting succesful. Econet has remained mum on this one as the issue has been on going and deteriorating for the past two weeks.  However, scores of people took to online media outlets and social media to register their displeasure over the move by Econet.

This move by Econet is not surprising at all considering that they once pulled the plug on NetOne over unpaid interconnection fees, only to reconnect them as they sensed that they had taken a suicidal move.

Again Econet silently pulled away their EcoLife scheme where thousands of their users were duped into topping up a certain fee per month in exchange of life assurance policy. To date Econet has not said a word over the EcoLife issue.

Statistics show that Econet’s profits took a nose dive as they plunged 16% from $160 million to $140 million. At the same time Telecel has been ranked the fastest growing network in Zimbabwe and the most innovative as it grew by a jaw dropping 31% and Econet followed by a pint sized 14 % growth.

With the latest introduction of the Mega Promo by Telecel, the numbers are likely to swell in favour of Telecel. This has the effect of making Econet bleed subscribers and revenue to their closest competitor.

Its against such a backdrop that Econet throttles down Telecel calls to Econet. This move has been widely condemned by Zimbabweans from various walks of life and blog posts here!

Below are some comments from newsday about this Telecel saga.

Goldfinger July 25, 2013 at 6:40 am

it shows that Econet is about to be overtaken by Telecel,coz wats the purpose of blocking other networks

Concerned July 25, 2013 at 7:14 am

If its true, that is very unethical from Econet. They are getting too big for their shoes. Hefty fines should be charged. Potraz, intervene swiftly and set the bar for such sick behaviour!

tawaz July 25, 2013 at 7:07 am

econet has always been the greediest theyre always on telecels back every time telecel does something for its customers they are reactive trying to present a we can do better outlook

zuze July 25, 2013 at 8:21 am

What do u mean Telecel is reaping where they did not sow? Is Telecel not paying the interconnection fees that it is supposed to pay to Econet? The problem here is that Econet is fully aware that Telecel is providing real value for money. Econet’s Buddie Zone is shambolic to be honest. Telecel’s Mega Promotion is always on point. POTRAZ should rein in Econet. I am on both networks and at the moment I am struggling to call anyone on Econet from my Telecel line. Its next to impossible. Even a blind rat can see what Econet have done here.

With such reactions from Zimbabweans we only hope Econet will be reined in by the authorities before they become a monopoly.



By Simba

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