ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Audrey Chimwanda Biography | Education, Career, Personal Life

Audrey Chimwanda Biography | Education, Career, Personal Life

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Audrey Chimwanda, a distinguished Zimbabwean journalist currently residing in South Africa, embarked on her educational journey at Regina Mundi Secondary School. Later, she transferred to Chaplin High School for her A-Levels. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree at Women’s University in Africa. During this time, she honed her skills through an internship at the Public Information Department.

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In 2003, Chimwanda found herself in the world of television hosting, securing her debut role on Youth.Com, a youth-oriented magazine show. Demonstrating versatility, she co-hosted Hospitality Zimbabwe in 2006, actively promoting tourism. Further showcasing her talents, Chimwanda presented the highlights of the Harare Agricultural Show for two consecutive years, starting in 2010, engaging in insightful interviews with various business figures.

Her broadcasting journey evolved as she transitioned from radio news presenting at ZiFM Stereo in Zimbabwe to becoming the anchor for Africa Tonight at ANN7 in South Africa. The opportunity at ANN7 unexpectedly presented itself when she applied for a position in Multichoice SA’s marketing department. This led to an unforeseen offer from the newly established 24-hour news channel.

Chimwanda concluded her tenure at ANN7 in 2018, marking her departure with the final broadcast on April 26, 2018. In the preceding years (2004 to 2011), she served as a corporate sales executive at Realtime Technologies.

Personal Life

At a certain point in her life, Audrey was engaged and relocated to South Africa with her former fiancé. Unfortunately, the relationship turned toxic and abusive, compelling her to make the courageous decision to leave. Financial pressures, coupled with her reluctant relocation to South Africa at his request, contributed to the challenges they faced. It was after leaving this relationship that she rediscovered her passion for broadcasting and actively sought job opportunities in South Africa.

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