ZimbabweHuchi Business Arthur Mutambara Biography | Age | Wife | Children | Qualifications | Career as a Politician | Books

Arthur Mutambara Biography | Age | Wife | Children | Qualifications | Career as a Politician | Books

Arthur Mutambara Biography | Age | Wife | Children | Qualifications | Career as a Politician | Books post thumbnail image

Arthur Mutambara Biography | Age | Wife | Children | Qualifications | Career as a Politician | Books

Early Life and Academic Achievements

Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara, born on May 25, 1966, is a prominent figure in Zimbabwean politics, academia, and literature. With a diverse background, Mutambara has made significant contributions in various fields.

Education and Scholarly Pursuits

Mutambara’s academic journey began at the University of Zimbabwe, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with honors in 1990. He furthered his studies at the University of Oxford, completing his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering in 1992. His quest for knowledge led him to a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Robotics and Mechatronics from the University of Oxford in 1995.

During his academic pursuits, Mutambara excelled as a Rhodes Scholar at Merton College, Oxford. He expanded his expertise through fellowships at esteemed institutions like the California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Florida A & M University – Florida State University College of Engineering.

Political Career and Activism

Arthur Mutambara’s involvement in politics began during his tenure as the President of the Student Representative Council at the University of Zimbabwe in 1988 and 1989. His leadership was marked by protests against the government, which led to his arrest and imprisonment.

Entry into National Politics

In the mid-2000s, Mutambara emerged as a key player in Zimbabwean politics. He took on the role of president of the breakaway faction, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), in February 2006. His dynamic leadership style and commitment to change resonated with many.

During the turbulent times of 2008, Mutambara was appointed one of the Deputy Prime Ministers in a power-sharing arrangement. This arrangement aimed to bring stability to the nation and was a turning point in his political career.

Academic Contributions and Literary Works

Beyond his political endeavors, Mutambara made significant contributions to academia. He served as a professor of Operations Management at the University of South Africa’s School of Business Leadership from 2002 to 2003.

Literary Ventures

Mutambara’s intellectual prowess extends to literature. He has authored several academic books, including “Decentralized Estimation and Control for Multisensor Systems” (1998), “Design and Analysis of Control Systems” (1999), and “Mechatronics and Robotics: Design and Applications” (2000).

Notably, Mutambara penned a three-volume autobiography titled “In Search of the Elusive Zimbabwean Dream,” offering insights into his political interpretations, leadership perspectives, and philosophical musings over four decades.

Personal Life and Family

Family Ties

Arthur Mutambara is married to Dr. Jackie Chimhanzi. The couple is blessed with two children: Kundai Mutambara and Gutsai Mutambara.

Legacy and Continued Impact

Arthur Mutambara‘s multi-faceted journey—from academic excellence to political leadership and literary achievements—has left an indelible mark on Zimbabwe’s history. His legacy continues to inspire those who strive for positive change and progress in their nation.

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