cowardAre Zimbabweans cowards? We have sat silently through scandals, from Willowgate to Psmas. Even in churches, we read about Zimbabwean men who held their wives’ handbags while a fake evangelist molested their spouses. Even the war veterans live in destitution while the Zanu (PF) elite live in comfort. Zanu (PF) only remembers its war vets at elections, when they need them to intimidate voters.

Recently, the war vets held a protest march and the ‘gallant fighters’ were whipped by the riot police, a unit comprising smooth-faced kids who weren’t even born during the 1970s bush war. Timid Zimbabweans – oh there is nothing gallant about them – elect to spend thousands of dollars on generators and boreholes, rather than taking collective action against non performing civil servants.

It takes far less money, far less energy to hold a public protest than to dig for water in one’s garden. Civil servant; the servant of civilians. By definition, civil servants are employees of the masses, yet here we are, only now discovering that our workers were plundering Psmas, ZBC, AirZim. Imagine, for a moment, a farm owner not knowing his foreman’s salary. We are our own worst enemy.’  Do you think mass public protests will achieve anything in Zimbabwe? Would you be prepared to participate in one?



By Simba

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