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Andy Muridzo Biography | Education | Music | Personal Life

Andy Muridzo Biography | Education | Music | Personal Life post thumbnail image

Andy Muridzo Biography | Education | Music | Personal Life

Meet Andy Muridzo, born Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya on June 18, 1992, a prominent figure in the Zimbabwean music industry. Renowned for his musical contributions, Muridzo gained fame through hits like “Dherira” and “Chidhafudhunda,” featured on his album “Ngarizhambe.” Despite allegations of style imitation, he maintains that he draws inspiration from his fellow musicians.

Early Life

Andy Muridzo was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on June 18, 1992. He spent his formative years in Murehwa and was married to Chido Manyange, also known as Mai Keketso, with their residence in Budiriro.

Educational Journey

Muridzo attended Mushanhi Secondary School, where he had a fortuitous opportunity to study alongside the notable Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah.

Musical Beginnings

His musical journey commenced in Form Two when he became the church choir leader. His talent didn’t go unnoticed as he caught the eye of Jah Prayzah, who became his mentor in 2013. Before achieving solo fame, Muridzo performed alongside Jah Prayzah in church and credits him as his musical inspiration.

Genre Exploration

Muridzo currently leads the 13-member Jeetaz Band. In April 2019, five members left the band due to remuneration disputes, forming the Bark Charity Band. Later that year, Muridzo attended the launch of Bark Charity Band’s debut album, “Hupenyu Hutsva,” in Harare.

Style Allegations

Andy Muridzo has faced accusations of copying Jah Prayzah’s style. He clarified that he merely sings in a genre mastered by Jah Prayzah and considers himself a student of the acclaimed musician.

Military Touch Movement Contract

In January 2017, Muridzo signed a contract with Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement (MTM) record label. However, within a year, he voiced dissatisfaction with the agreement, alleging it favored Jah Prayzah more than himself. In March 2018, he terminated the contract, citing unfulfilled promises and a lack of support from Jah Prayzah.



  • “Pakubuda Kwezuva” – released on March 25, 2015
  • “Munondo” – released in 2018
  • “Ngarizhambe”

Muridzo’s album “Ngarizhambe” features tracks such as “Ngarizhambe,” “Tinopekedza,” “Haungatikoromotse,” “Dherira,” and many more.

Personal Life

On January 31, 2017, Muridzo made headlines when dancer Beverly Sibanda claimed that he had impregnated her. Muridzo admitted to having an affair with Sibanda but denied being the father of her child, citing the timing of their relationship.

Legal Troubles

In March 2018, Muridzo was reportedly arrested for a hit-and-run accident. It was alleged that he was driving without a license and had collided with three vehicles in the central business district before fleeing the scene.


Andy Muridzo’s romantic life has also made headlines. After his divorce from Chido Manyange, he became engaged to Nyari Mukucha in August 2019, but the relationship ended abruptly.

In March 2020, he started a relationship with Tasha Green, who was pregnant with his child at the time. Muridzo promised to pay a lobola (dowry) of at least US$4,000.

Kundai Mukuu also revealed her relationship with Andy Muridzo, stating they got engaged at the end of December 2020 before separating.

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