ZimbabweHuchi Business Anderson Kadungure – Biography of Ginimbi’s Father

Anderson Kadungure – Biography of Ginimbi’s Father

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Anderson Kadungure is best known as the father of the late Zimbabwean socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure, popularly known as “Ginimbi.” He is also the father of another popular Zimbabwean socialite, Nelia Kadungure.

Age and Date of Birth

Anderson’s Kadungure’s age and date of birth are unavailable in publicly available sources and are yet to be confirmed independently.

Wife & Family

Anderson was married to Juliana Kadungure and together, the couple had 4 children including the late Genius Kadungure, commonly known as Ginimbi. His other children are Andrew, Juliet, and Nelia. Andrew passed away in January 2019, and Juliet passed away in October 2023. The birth order of the siblings is as follows: Juliet, Genius, Andrew, and Nelia.

Deaths Of Wife & Children

In a tragic turn of events, Anderson’s third-born child Andrew died in January 2019 from an undisclosed illness. Barely a year later, Anderson’s wife, Juliana Kadungure died in January 2020, following a battle with cancer.

More tragedy was to follow as Anderson’s second-born child Ginimbi died in a horrific car crash in November 2020. Following the tragic deaths in the two-year period, the Kadungure family was decimated from six family members to three family members: the father Anderson Kadungure and two daughters Juliet and Nelia.

Death of Juliet Kadungure in October 2023

In October 2023, the Kadungure family faced yet another devastating accident, which claimed the life of Julie, sister to Ginimbi. Julie lost her life in a bus accident while traveling from Malawi to Zimbabwe. This incident deeply affected the family, especially Anderson Kadungure, who had already mourned the loss of his son Ginimbi in a car accident three years prior.

Anderson Kadungure received the news of Julie’s tragic passing while attending a funeral for a relative. Reports suggested that Julie had miraculously survived the crash, leading to a rollercoaster of emotions for her father. However, the heartbreaking truth was revealed, leaving Anderson Kadungure in grief.

The Kadungure homestead in Domboshava was filled with condolences and support from villagers, who were shocked and sorrowful over the family’s ongoing misfortunes. Noddy Kadungure, the family spokesperson, expressed the loss of a “hard-working and loving sister.” Plans for Julie’s burial were to be announced later as the family dealt with this unexpected tragedy.

Despite the origins of Julie’s husband being in Shurugwi, he requested that the funeral wake be held in Domboshava, highlighting the love and unity within the family during this difficult time.

As of October 2023, the Kadungure family now consists of two people only after the original six: father, Anderson Kadungure and his last-born daughter Nelia.



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