ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Allanah Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Family, Marriages, Early Life

Allanah Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Family, Marriages, Early Life

Allanah Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Family, Marriages, Early Life post thumbnail image

Allanah, the renowned Zimbabwean singer, is recognized for her captivating adlibs on the chart-topping single “Fadza Mutengi,” a collaboration with Zimdancehall sensation Poptain. Additionally, her rendition of Obert Chari’s “Mebo” has further solidified her position in the music industry.

Age and Date of Birth: August 2, 1995

Born on August 2, 1995, Allanah, whose real name is Tiny Machivenyika, is set to celebrate her 28th birthday in 2023.

Early Life and Family

Originating from the dormitory town of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Allanah’s family consisted of three sisters and one brother. Tragically, her father passed away during her early years, leaving her to be raised by her mother, Lynn Mutero. Despite the challenges, Allanah’s mother played a significant role in her upbringing.

Regrettably, Lynn Mutero succumbed to illness in November 2021, marking a profound loss for Allanah.


Allanah biography

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Allanah’s educational journey led her from Rutendo pre-school to Moffat Primary School and later to Morgan High School for her secondary education. Despite passing four subjects at Ordinary Level, her passion for music steered her away from pursuing further academic endeavors.


In 2014, Allanah embarked on her musical journey with the release of her first song, “Give Glory.” Although it didn’t gain much traction, her fortunes changed in 2018 when she signed with Raw Music. Collaborating with producer Lloyd Jiro, also known as Papa Lodza, Allanah produced hit songs like “Mude Mude,” “Mboko Last,” and her rendition of Obert Chari’s “Mebo.”

Her collaboration with various artists, including Lesco, Solution, Everlast, Poptain, and Soul Jnr, further cemented her status in the music scene.

Contribution to “Fadza Mutengi”

Allanah’s distinctive adlibs on Poptain’s hit single “Fadza Mutengi” showcased her musical prowess. Recounting the genesis of the song, Allanah mentioned, “We were paid to do a song for someone, and Poptain and I met at Cymplex Studios in Waterfalls while working on separate projects. We then listened to the beat of ‘Fadza Mutengi,’ and we decided to do that song.”

Personal Life and Marriages

Abusive First Marriage

Allanah faced significant challenges in her pursuit of a musical career due to an abusive first marriage. Married in 2015, she endured hardship as her husband opposed her musical aspirations. This tumultuous period led her to a point where she had to confront not only societal judgment but also physical and emotional turmoil.

She revealed, “It affected me physically and emotionally, so it basically changed me, but if it were not for God, I would not be here. As part of my healing, I went back into the studio and wrote a song about it, and this is what caught the attention of my manager and the limelight to my work afterwards.”

Second Marriage

Allanah biography

Allanah and her husband-Image Source@iharare

Following the passing of her mother, Allanah entered into a second marriage. Although details about the marriage remain undisclosed, she expressed gratitude for her supportive husband. In her own words, “I have been wondering how I will be able to balance my career and my marriage. But I thank God for the gift of my husband. He is so supportive, he got my back and he encourages me to pursue my career.”

She emphasized the profound impact of death on her life, stating, “No matter how hard we can grieve, death is something that we cannot run away from.”


Despite life’s challenges, Allanah finds solace in her Christian faith and currently serves as the worship leader at Labour of Love Church.


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