ZimbabweHuchi Business Adelaide Chikunguru Biography | Education, Career. Awards

Adelaide Chikunguru Biography | Education, Career. Awards

Adelaide Chikunguru Biography | Education, Career. Awards post thumbnail image

Discover the remarkable journey of Adelaide Chikunguru, a distinguished Zimbabwean business executive and football administrator. This biography unveils her educational background, illustrious career, and the accolades she has earned along the way.


Adelaide Chikunguru commenced her educational journey at Regina Mundi High School, setting the foundation for her future endeavours. She pursued higher education, earning a Bachelor of Social Science degree. Her commitment to learning led her to Midlands State University, where she achieved a BSc (Hons) in Media and Society Studies in 2003 and an MSc in Media and Society Studies in 2008.

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Career Path

Adelaide’s professional journey is marked by diverse experiences. Before joining Tongaat Hulett’s Zimbabwean operations, she contributed her skills to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and Mike Hamilton Public Relations Consultants. Noteworthy roles include her time as the Corporate Relations Executive for NetOne Zimbabwe (2006-2007) and General Manager at Ogilvy & Mather in Tanzania (2008-2010).

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Adelaide Chikunguru biography

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In 2011, Chikunguru assumed the role of Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager at Tongaat Hulett’s Zimbabwean operations. Her responsibilities encompassed managing communications, fostering stakeholder relationships, and overseeing social and economic development programs for external communities.

The pinnacle of her career came in June 2021 when she was appointed as the CEO of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

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Awards and Recognition

In November 2021, Adelaide Chikunguru was honoured with the Megafest Outstanding Public Service award. This prestigious recognition celebrated her remarkable contributions and achievements in the field.

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