ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment A Captivating Journey at Lion Park and Snake World

A Captivating Journey at Lion Park and Snake World

A Captivating Journey at Lion Park and Snake World post thumbnail image

If you’re seeking an entertaining and enlightening family escapade in close proximity to Harare, Lion Park and Snake World should be on your list. A mere 45-minute drive from the city centre, these attractions provide a unique opportunity to witness and discover the captivating fauna of Zimbabwe.

Lion Park: A Haven for Orphaned Wildlife

Established in 1968 by the benevolent Bristow family, Lion Park stands as a wildlife sanctuary devoted to caring for orphaned animals. Home to 23 lions, including the rare white lions, the park also shelters pigs, crocodiles, tortoises, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, and wildebeest.

The park boasts an interactive learning centre dedicated to enlightening visitors about the evolution, behavior, and conservation of the feline family. Operated by the animal welfare organizations AWARE and SPANA, the centre utilizes songs, games, and visual aids to raise awareness and appreciation for all creatures.

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An Engaging Encounter with Wildlife

Embark on a guided tour around the enclosures to observe the lions and other inhabitants up close. Take the opportunity to feed some of the animals, including Tommy, a venerable Galapagos tortoise and one of the park’s oldest residents.

For a more adventurous experience, opt for a drive through the game park to witness animals freely roaming in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in the scenic views of grasslands, trees, and balancing rocks. The park extends its offerings with recreational activities such as viewing Bushman paintings, exploring ancient grain storage bins, and affordable horse riding.

Unveiling the Wonders of Snake World

Adjacent to Lion Park, Snake World complements the experience and is included in the Lion Park ticket. A dedicated space for reptile enthusiasts, Snake World sheds light on Zimbabwe’s common snakes and other fascinating creatures.

Discovering the Serpentine Realm

With over 30 species of snakes showcased in secure glass aquariums, Snake World provides a safe environment for observing these intriguing creatures. From harmless grass snakes to the formidable black mamba, python, boomslang, spitting cobra, and Gabon viper, visitors can marvel at the diverse reptilian population.

Snake World goes beyond snakes, allowing visitors to encounter crocodiles, monitor lizards, chameleons, and even handle some of the adorable chameleons.

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Educational Insights and Conservation

The knowledgeable tour guides at Snake World impart valuable information about venom types, reptile behavior, and the crucial role these unique animals play in human health. They dispel myths and rumors that contribute to the unfounded fear and harm directed towards these creatures.

A Day of Exploration and Conservation

Lion Park and Snake World together provide a remarkable opportunity to witness and learn about Zimbabwe’s extraordinary wildlife. More than a recreational outing, these attractions contribute to the conservation and welfare of the animals. Plan your visit to Harare wisely and ensure these captivating destinations are part of your itinerary.




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