Zimbabwean men are pretty easy to please. Here are some general guidelines you can follow that
will make them appreciate you more and always stick by you.

Disclaimer: Relationships are very complicated. Not all relationships are the same, therefore lists
such as this one are not conclusive. However, if you really want a relationship to work, trying these
options will denitely
increase you odds of doing so. Remember no relationship will last if one of you
does not want the relationship to last.

1. Respect him
Any man, Zimbabwean or otherwise, needs to be respected. Please note that respect is not the same
as fear. respect as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by
their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”
Zimbabwean men, traditional or modern, really appreciate when a woman shows deep admiration
for them. With equal rights, some women think that it is archaic to respect your man, the use of the
word has declined over the year as shown by Google books.

Respect is the main anchor to keep your man. You show him respect by showing him the qualities you
respect about him, in speech and in action.

2. Take care of your man
Oftentimes, when you have a man, you have a fully grown baby. No, this is not an insult or
demeaning– let me qualify this statement. Men need attention or they will throw a toddler t.
Zimbabwean men are no different. Dress them, cook for them, cheer them on when they do good.

A very important aspect of taking care of your man–cook good food for him. Take note of his favorite
food, make sure you know how to prepare it. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

3. Be naughty, but also remember you are a wife
Now this is not for all women, because some have it inherent in them. Zimbabwean men like showing
off their respectable wives to their families. They want their families to respect the woman they
marry, however, they want you to be naughty when you are away from the public too. Some women
do one and forget to do the other. The trick is to strike the balance, know when to be the traditional

Zimbabwean woman, and when to be the naught girl. Naughty is also different to different people,
however, you know how kinky you man is, be that kind of kink and more if you can.
Gone are the days when men wanted a woman to sit at home. Not only is this destructive to the
woman’s intellect but also makes a woman not appreciate the harsh realities of life. A woman who is
helping her man is highly valued more so in this harsh economy.

So your man is making a lot of money and you are comfortable — why work? Well an enterprising
woman challenges her man to think and assists in planning towards meaningful goals, and allows him
to have an open mind.

5. Communicate
Open communication is essential in relationships. Where there is no open communication
relationships usually have mind games that mostly frustrate men. Moody women frustrate men.
Some women then go further to withhold sex if their men do not “get” what they are meant to. This
pushes your man away emotionally and physically. Women that communicate respectfully usually
get their way with their men



By Mandisa

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