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M.G Hkh, originally known as Prince Peter Moyo, was born on October 18, 1997, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His family relocated to South Africa shortly after his birth in search of better opportunities.

Early Life

Raised alongside his sister, Eunice Moyo, he attended Urban Deep Primary School and Gororo Primary School in South Africa. His secondary education was completed at Herentals Group of Colleges in Zimbabwe. He pursued further training as an auto electrician at Manicaland Training for Enterprise Trust.

M.G Hkh

M.G Hkh-Image Source@Zimprofiles

Family Background

M.G Hkh is the son of Patrick Moyo and Norah Mutede. Tragically, he lost both of his parents at a young age; his mother passed away in 2005, followed by his father’s death in 2011. These profound losses deeply impacted his emotional and artistic journey.

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Musical Career

M.G Hkh’s entrance into the music scene began in 2019, where he showcased his freestyle rap skills at various school events, adopting the alias “M.G The best Rapper.” His debut album, “Pray Hard,” released in 2020, highlighted themes of perseverance and spirituality, although it faced challenges in gaining commercial success due to limited promotional resources. Notably, his song “Rufu Runopedza” from the album served as a heartfelt tribute to his late parents.

In 2019, he became a part of the Hkh Family Group, founded by Mr. Potter Hkh, and contributed to the track “Chipo Changu.” Collaborations and performances alongside renowned Zimbabwean artists such as Gze and Tehn Diamond have contributed to his growing recognition in the music industry.

Personal Struggles and Inspirations

M.G Hkh-Image Source@Zimprofiles

The loss of his parents profoundly shaped M.G Hkh’s artistic expression, fostering an emotive and introspective style. His stage name, derived from a childhood nickname, reflects his journey from adversity to professionalism. Prior to gaining traction in his music career, he endured periods of homelessness and financial hardship, resorting to street vending to finance his studio sessions.

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  • Pray Hard (2020)

M.G Hkh continues to use his music as a platform to advocate resilience and faith within his community. He remains an active figure in Zimbabwe’s rap scene, with aspirations to broaden his influence and connect with a wider audience.

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