A Zimbabwean man living in the UK is charged with defrauding 14 women of their money after making love to them.

The antics of Daniel Muparagwa are widely publicized on social media sites now that he has been exposed by one, Vimbai Chimbumu, who broadcast live on Facebook from his home after an altercation with another woman there.

After a four-month relationship, he had asked her to his home.

Several ladies flooded Chimbumu’s email on August 13 during her Facebook Live video, complaining about Daniel’s con artistry on gullible women.

Daniel allegedly pursues unsuspecting ladies via Facebook and Instagram while posing as someone yearning for real love, only to later ask for money.

He has been abusing women in Zimbabwe and the UK for a long time.

When contacted by local publication  for a response, Daniel stated:

“A respectable career like yours,” he remarked. “Zvimwe zvinyaya hazvina simudziro yazvinoita.”

14 ladies who claimed to have been conned by Daniel were investigated by local publication.

Vimbai said that she had fallen for Daniel’s con and invited other ladies to do the same.

According to what has surfaced on social media, he is a womanizer with aspirations of pulling a romance hoax.

“I exposed him after visiting his home and learning that he was living with another woman.

Before multiple women contacted me and complained about him, I recorded a live video on Facebook, said Vimbai.

While some are victims of his con, others are currently pregnant.

They suffered financial loss. There will be more.

“Most of them are mari aivakumbira.

The number of women who have come forward has been estimated at around 14.

“This person is an animal, and because of him, many ladies are crying.

Since he has been threatening them, “some are terrified,” she claimed.

The other women who desired anonymity were also interviewed by local publication.

“He would tell women he was cheating on his wife, who brought him to the UK,”




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