UPDATED : ZRP vs Armed Robbers,What Really Transpired (See Pictures)

Two armed robbers were caught after a gunfire exchange with members of the Central Investigations Department near the Zimbabwe Grounds in Machipisa, Highfield.

According to onlookers named Job who watched the high speed chase, there were no fatalities but just a casualty.
“One of the armed robbers was shot twice in the abdomen but was carried to the police alive,” he said.
The robbers according to the eye-witness got out of their car exchanging bullets with their small pistol.
The CID had to shoot the car with their AK47.

“The police had more powerful weapons than these robbers which penetrated the car. One of the bullets might have hit the tyre which destroyed the ball joints leading to what you are seeing here,” Job added.
It is believed that the police were tipped by two accomplices who were nabbed earlier that the other two were at a nearby car wash.



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