PICS : Pictures Of A Pastor Kissing A 16 Year Old Girl To Remove Demons Have Caused Havoc

Its disturbing to notice how the African mentality is easily corrupted by religion and circumstance. Over the decade, we have seen an astounding series of jaw dropping videos mushed up with nerve touching performances being performed by pastors in the name of the “lord”.

Usually, one question pops up into my mind every time I read one these undulating stories, is this how foolish my people are? In a more recent video in Zambia A pastor was recorded French kissing female follower in front of the congregation, so as to remove evil spirits from her, to my surprise the congregation was making a hullabaloo and praising him. What a foolish community we have become.

The Church has transformed from a place of worship to a place of theatric John Kennedy Toole’ s witty comedy, on a lighter note, even Bustop TV cannot compete with the acting skills of these pastors.

If you are interested in drama and controversy just go to one of your local churches. Not so long ago in South Africa, one pastor faked a resurrection miracle, which left most Christians in disbelief.

Are these dramas and fake miracles attracting more people to the church or they are just chasing away followers of the true gospel? Certainly, this topic can only be debated by Heads of churches as they are the ones allowing these acts to go un punished. But hey, I am just dishing out my mind, nonetheless, who am I to question your religious beliefs.




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