PICS : Bedroom Pictures Of A Married South African Police Woman At Her Nigerian Boyfriend’s Place Have Emerged

Authorities are investigating how pictures of a police woman un-dressing were taken and shared on social
In the pictures shared on Facebook, the woman is seen sitting on a sofa with a cellphone in one hand and
what looks like a glass of alcohol in the other.

Another picture then shows the woman with the glass closer to her mouth while the last two pictures show her
un-dressing, even revealing her pan_ties. In the pictures, the woman seems to be aware in the first picture that
someone was taking the pictures as she smiles in the direction of the camera.

However, it is difficult to tell whether in the other picture where she is undressing, she was fully aware of what
was happening. It is unclear at this stage whether the pictures were shared by the woman in the picture or
someone else did it with or without her consent

“We have identified this member and a senior officer has been tasked to investigate this matter. In the
meantime, we cannot say exactly who distributed these photographs. We would like to reassure the nation that
we are viewing this matter in a very serious [light]. The investigation is still in its early stages. No further details
can be disclosed,” Naidoo said.



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