BREAKING : Prophet Who Foretold Ethiopian Airlines Crash Warns That Emirates Will Crash Soon

Ghanaian Prophet, Cosmos Walker Affran who claims to have predicted the Ethopian Airlines crash has revealed that there will be another plane crash with Emirates Airline very soon.

Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran

According to him, the world should pray vehemently because he sees another plane crash in the spirit realms.

Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran noted that the Plane crash is very near and that the world should pray against such ‘disaster’.

He indicated that he had the revelation after having an encounter with God and that it should be treated with urgency.

“Plane Crash Emirates airline, world should pray. It is Very close.
” thou saith the Lord ” prophecy by
Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran.” He wrote on his Facebook handle.

Recall that Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran predicted the heartbreaking plane crash which claimed the lives of over 419 passengers and eight crew members who were on flight ET302 from the Ethiopian capital to Nairobi in Kenya.

He made the revelation on February 7, 2019, and the unfortunate incident happened on 10th March 2019.

His prophecy which was made on his facebook handle was rubbished by his followers.

He wrote:

“Plane crash” Ethiopian” world should pray.”thou saith the Lord” prophecy by Propeht Cosmos Walker Affran”




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