MANHOOD in TROUBLE as Doctors create FAKE Pe_nis 10 times BETTER than the REAL THING

FORTUNE has smiled on a man born without a 4-5 by granting him a super-pe_nis instead.

According to the Daily Mail, Andrew Wardle (45) from Manchester, England finally lost his vi_rginity last month thanks to a pe_nis created by doctors from his own skin.

Andrew and his girlfriend of six years, Fedra Fabian (28), were getting ready for a romantic holiday in Amsterdam when the big moment finally arrived.

“Two days before we went away, it just happened,” he told The Sun.

“It was nice and natural — and that’s how I wanted it to be.”

Andrew paid £50 000 (about R980 000) for a pe_nile implant in June, but had to wait six weeks before he had se_x.

His “ridiculously big” pe_nis is activated by a button in his groin which pumps it up with saline fluid to make it er_ect. It is linked to his te_sticles, so the couple may be able to have kids.

He said the se_x lasted about half an hour and “felt fantastic”.

Fedra agreed – and thinks Andrew’s fake pe_nis is even better than the real thing.

She said: “It’s fantastic – no need to worry about vi_agra or getting old. He can do it when he’s drunk too!”

Said Andrew about his designer 4-5: “I’m so pleased with it.”



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